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My journey into the UK fashion business at 16 years old

Posted : Thursday 18th Novermber 2021

I lived with my parents mainly at Southendonsea and at Newton Aycliffe in the North East

I hated the school in Newton Aycliffe; it was like a cattle market rush here rush there and I experienced bullying and name calling A boy once refereed to me as a "greasy ox" something to do with my mixed race hair which requires leave in conditioner

Anyway I started home schooling As part of my home education my parents procured a retired but exLondon Fashion House lady called Sue We got on and I had one to one training for around 2 years

We started with something simple like a pencil case but in the end I could sew my own lined body warmer and other items like a pair of dungarees ; denim with African fabric

My mother had great faith in my abilities but never saw me succeed since we lost her October 2021; she was only 46 years old My dad has taken up the reigns and is supporting me

It's no problem for me to fabricate and I just started a new skill of crochet One problem is that Im now at college 3 days a week and have assignments so time is limited My dad has just submitted a Trade Mark protection for my logo and brand

Taking into account time Im thinking of some 100 percent fabricated garments and some white label with my brand on it

One problem is going to be sales outlets; my dad has looked at Amazon fulfilment and that's where we hit our first problem; they don't allow account for under 18 year olds So my dad is going to have to register and basically sell my brand for me

Another problem is getting white label garments at a price that will cover the cost of Amazon Fulfilment and still leave a small profit

Ive seen very good prices for garments from China but the cost to ship for China to the UK is prohibitive I will update this blog since the web is a CMS as time goes on If anybody out there is a manufacturer or garment white label supplier please use the contact form to leave your name and company name

Dont leave type in any web URL since dad has some sort of spam detector set up and he says most spammers always type in a URL to their stuff

or email to my Dad andybrookestar   small snail gmail  period    com

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