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Ghana Fabric necktie £32

The shell of this tie is made from African wax pattern print and is 100 cotton . The style is from Ghana and contains Adinkra symbols Ghana being the land of the fabricators mothers ancestors . For instance, on the blade part of a symbol can be seen Adinkra symbols which are visual representations of proverbs, with significant historical and philosophical meaning .The one on the blade is Kwatakye Atiko which is literally translated as "Hair of the Hero Kwatakye " ; it represents Valour Bravery Leadership . The Tipping and interlining is Rayon fabric and the two main folds are hand stitched together using a Fell Stitch The widest part of width of tie blade 2 3/4 inch length tie 5 feet . The price reflects the fact the tie is 100 fabricated by one of our shop members, including the interlining, which has to be cut out on the bias from rayon fabric . Since its hand made where are variations depending on the part of the fabric that the tie is cut from so this tie it is literally unique . See products in my Etsy Shop

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